Welcome to the PrimeOrbial Multiverse

PrimeOrbial is a multiplayer physics-based game whose core aspects are fun-filled gameplay, cooperation, and creativity.

PrimeOrbial involves many worlds with a variety creatures and vehicles to either use or playfully interact with, and network-replicating physics unites the entire Multiverse.

The PrimeOrbial Team has implemented an entire set of custom physics, and thus has built-in support for adding electrical and magnetic properties to any world objects. Players can interact with the natural laws of Physics in a way never before experienced in a video game.

PrimeOrbial comes with a suite of Multiversal Technologies that enhance gameplay and allow you as a player to fulfill your dreams and goals by dynamically adding to the worlds you explore!

Multiplayer Physics Replication

A core aspect of PrimeOrbial is that there is a complete architecture for physics replication over the regular internet. This means that players can enjoy physics-based smooth and fun gameplay together without having to be in the same building, on a Local Area Network (LAN). Players who are far apart in the world can watch each other bounce and fly and twirl around with real physics, adding to the Joy of the game immensely!

3D Programming

PrimeOrbial comes with a 3D programing engine that allows you, in a multiplayer game, to construct puzzles and action sequences on the fly. You can challenge your friends to beat your puzzles, or work together in cooperation to complete obstacle courses filled with physical movement and action!

The programming language is very easy to use, as it is fully 3D, and you can easily link together any aspects of the world, creating logical relationships between a nearby tree and a rock, or a rock and an AI unit. The result is that PrimeOrbial players can be perpetually engaged with a living Universe that responds to their every action in both expected and totally unexpected Magical ways.

AI Scripting Language

PrimeOrbial has an AI scripting language that works in multiplayer games, and allows for per-creature unique AI code. The language is extremely easy and succinct, while giving you great power, much like a programming language such as Python. The huge advantage of PrimeOrbial’s runtime-compiling AI scripting language is that it makes it easy for players to create their own custom AI units without needing a separate editor software or c++ coding skills. This means that new and varied adventure and combat scenarios can be created quickly, within just one singleplayer or multiplayer collaborative session.

Multiplayer In-Game World Editor

PrimeOrbial is built on the idea of enabling all players to add their own creative contributions to the Universe. Whether you’d like to add an extra mountain to your current environment, make a tree taller, or create an entire world of your own, the in-game world editing tools will enable you to achieve your dreams and goals!

Let’s say you are enjoying a scenic view from a mountain top, and you think to yourself, “this is great, I just wish there was a gigantic 50-foot tall medieval castle to climb to get even higher up on this mountain!” Well with the PrimeOrbial in-game world editor, you can make this wish come true immediately and enjoy the new view! Equally as quickly you might decide the castle should be a palm tree instead and should really only be 23.5 feet tall. Using the in-game editor you can adjust the game world instantly to reflect your new desired vision!

Or maybe you’ve discovered an other-worldly electromagnetic mountain where you want to make 12 rocks that roll down and gain an electric charge as they do so, ultimately attracting each other and forming one huge clump. With the in-game editor you can do that in under 5 minutes!

Best of all, the PrimeOrbial in-game world editor is actually a multiplayer editor. As you craft your own additions to the world, all the players in the game will see your changes in real time! The technology behind this has been in development for over 10 years!

Get ready for the next generation of multiplayer 3D world building, with physics too!

The PrimeOrbial Team